City Council Work Session - February 25, 2021

Public Meeting
The City administers programs to increase the utilization of firms owned by people of color and women, and to increase the proportion of workers of color and women workers on City construction projects. This Work Session will explore these programs with a focus on improving future outcomes.
2:00 pm 4:00 pm

Resources for the Work Session

  1. Memo to City Council 
  2. Public Procurement Basics 
  3. Summary of Citywide Social Equity in Contracting Programs & Indicators 
  4. City of Portland Equity in Contracting Timeline 1990-2020
  5. Program Performance Trends and Indicators 
  6. Initial Program Recommendations 
  7. Presentation 

Post Work Session Resources

  1. Memo to City Council 
  2. Follow up to Work Session - Disaggregated Outcomes
  3. Follow up to Work Session - Prime + Subcontractor Payment Detail


Gennie Nguyen

Social Equity Performance Manager