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Procurement Frequently Asked Questions

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The Procurement Services team is committed to ensuring that your questions get answered. Whether you are a potential vendor, a current vendor, or someone who may be interested in procurement in the City of Portland, some of the most frequently asked questions are addressed here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is procurement? Procurement is the process by which the City of Portland acquires goods, services, design, construction, and compliance. The process involves sourcing, purchasing, and managing these resources to meet the city's needs efficiently and effectively. The City of Portland's Procurement Services department ensures that taxpayer's dollars are spent with social equity and business excellence as the highest priority.

How can procurement in the City of Portland apply to me? Procurement in the City of Portland offers a range of opportunities for businesses, whether you're well-established or just starting out. Some of the ways you can benefit are by becoming a vendor in our registry, accessing bidding opportunities, and by contributing to Portland's community and economic development.

What steps can I take to get started doing business? Getting started doing business with the City of Portland can look like a variety of things. Exploring information available on our website is a great way to gather information about processes, policies, and available resources. On our Resources for Businesses page, you can register your business. 

How do I become a registered vendor? To become a registered vendor, you will need to register your business on our vendor portal, Buyspeed. Once you are registered, you are welcome to bid on applicable bid opportunities. It will also be important to register your business three other key areas. More on how to check those items off are available on our Resources for Businesses page under Become a Registered Vendor.

Resources for Businesses

Where can I get in contact with the Procurement Services team?
Our Procurement Services team is here to assist you. Please contact us at for assistance.