Bureaus and Offices

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We provide quality support to help our customers achieve their goals and meet the City's fiduciary responsibility.
The Archives and Records Management Division operates the City of Portland Archives and Records Center, making city administrative and historical records accessible to the public and City employees for research and inspection in accordance with Oregon's public records laws.
Supporting City livability goals by helping to finance infrastructure improvements, and supporting the regulatory efforts of other city bureaus. We use Charter-granted authority to assess property for local improvements, system development charges, and code violations.
The Audit Services Division is the auditing branch of the elected City Auditor's Office. The Division's mission is to conduct performance and financial audits of City operations, and to make recommendations to improve efficiency, effectiveness and equity of City bureaus, offices and functions.
The mission of the Auditor’s Office is to promote open and accountable government by providing independent and impartial reviews, access to public information, and services for City government and the public.
The City of Portland spends public money with purpose. By buying goods and services, the Procurement Division supports the local economy, improves Portland today and invests in a future where Black people, Indigenous people, people of color and women share equitably in our community’s prosperity.
Our mission is to be a trusted partner, creating smart solutions for the City and our community.
The Levy is a City of Portland property tax initiative that annually generates $19 million toward proven programs that prepare children for school, support their success in and out of the classroom, and reduce racial and ethnic disparities in their well-being and school success.
The Office of the City Attorney provides legal services to the City of Portland and to the elected officials, officers and employees acting on its behalf. The Office's only client is the City of Portland and we are not able to provide legal services or advice to individual members of the public.
The City Budget Office provides timely, accurate, and unfiltered information and analysis regarding budgeting, forecasting, and fiscal policy issues to the Mayor, Commissioners, City Auditor, City bureaus, and the public.
The City Elections Office works with Multnomah County and the state to oversee City elections, certify candidates and measures to the ballot, and certify election results. The Office also enforces City campaign finance regulations and provides information on candidacy and measure processes.
The City is developing an emergency response model grounded in the community's needs and capabilities. The Division of Community Safety works with Council and public safety bureaus to develop equitable and accountable emergency response innovations and a holistic plan to modernize community safety.
The Portland Office for Community Technology (OCT) balances the needs of the community, government agencies, utilities, and communications providers to ensure everyone benefits from the public right-of-way.
The Council Clerk and Contracts Office administers City Council business, serves as the central repository for City contracts, and maintains City Charter and Code.
Issues bonds for or on behalf of City bureaus and other agencies, and provides technical assistance on new financing programs or proposals.
The Bureau of Development Services (BDS) promotes safety, livability and economic vitality through efficient and collaborative application of building and development codes.
Portland stands as a national leader in innovative transportation solutions. Our team's priority is to plan and construct solutions to meet the demands of a growing city and region, while maintaining our economic vitality and neighborhood character.
DAM provides leadership and strategic support for CityFleet and OMF-Facilities Services. CityFleet is responsible for managing 3,800 vehicles and pieces of specialized equipment. Facilities Services operates 16 OMF-owned buildings and numerous non-OMF owned structures.
Our mission is to work collaboratively with our community and public safety partners to ensure effective and timely 911 call answering and dispatching.
Promote readiness, coordinate response, and build resilience for Portland. The Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM) develops and implements strategic planning, programs, and policies to continually advance the city's mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery capabilities.