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Waste Equity Workplan

Advancing equity and diversity in Portland’s waste collection system 

The Citywide Racial Equity Goals and Strategies and the BPS Strategic Plan sets a vision for BPS to achieve racial equity and use an equity lens for all its program development. City Council has directed BPS to focus on increasing the participation of women and minority workers and reducing barriers to economic opportunities for minority-owned and woman-owned companies. 

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Citywide Racial Equity Goals and Strategies

Waste Equity Workplan Goals

BPS developed a Waste Equity Workplan that identifies how BPS will advance equity and diversity in Portland’s waste collection system:

The community will benefit from the professional expertise of a Waste Equity Advisory Group and Waste Equity Consultants, who will oversee the implementation of the workplan.  BPS’ waste equity efforts include:  

  • Developing a vision, goals, and performance measures.  

  • Measuring hauler workforce demographics.  

  • Taking steps to increase recruitment, retention, and promotion of women and people of color. 

  • Developing a new waste collection business access and opportunity program to help build capacity in COBID-certified companies. (COBID is Oregon's Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity) 

  • Drafting new public trash collection contracts that include improved access and opportunities for COBID-certified companies. 

  • Overhauling the procurement process for collection services at City offices and facilities to increase access and opportunity for COBID-certified companies. 

  • Listening to property managers, tenants, and current and prospective service providers to gather ideas about how to improve access and opportunity for COBID-certified companies.  The process will consider additional regulatory controls.