Waste Collection Access and Opportunity Program

This program will help minority and woman owned companies navigate the path toward entry and expansion within the waste collection sector.  


Who is the ideal candidate for this program?   
Prior experience or knowledge in the waste collection sector is not required to participate. This program would be a great fit for an existing COBID certified/eligible company in a related field looking to create a new business line. The City may have other minimum application and training requirements such as years in operation and financial capacity.   

How will the program work?   
The program will offer customized guidance for participants based on their individual needs, strengths and growth areas. The City will introduce participants to waste sector specific topics and will refer and connect them to existing technical and professional training resources. Ongoing support will ensure that participants are successful through the bid process and beyond.   

Where will the opportunities come from?   
The City has begun by bidding its Public Place Trash Collection contracts out to COBID-certified companies. The City is also working to overhaul its system to collect waste from City offices and facilities and make opportunities available to COBID-certified companies. Implementation of the Waste Equity Workplan may result in additional opportunities.  

What are the contractor permit and certification requirements?   
The City requires contract companies to obtain state and city permits and certifications that will need to be verified prior to a contract being signed, however they do not need to be fully in place to bid on an opportunity. The intent of this program is to offer guidance and additional support at all stages of the contracting process, including obtaining permits and certifications. For a full description of guidelines and requirements, please refer to the  City of Portland Administrative Rules for Commercial Collection Services: Solid Waste, Recyclables and Compostables; for additional information about COBID certification visit the State of Oregon COBID website.   

What are the contracts’ dollar amounts and length?  
The contract dollar amounts will vary depending on geographic collection zones, number of locations served and collection frequency. BPS will work with consultants to ensure that contracts are of a size and scope that provides viable and sustainable business opportunities to participating companies. BPS anticipates that contracts will be active for five years and will be reviewed and amended annually to adjust for price and collection changes.  

How do I learn about upcoming opportunities?  
Sign up to hear about  Requests for Proposals (RFP)  that will be posted on BuySpeed under the NIGP code #958-96, Waste Management Services.