Rules, allowances, permits and complaint information about bees and livestock

Common questions about rules and best practices for keeping bees and livestock in backyards in Portland.
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What animals are allowed within the City limits?

Animal TypeMaximum # on any lotMaximum # on lots 10,000 sq. ft. and greaterMaximum # on lots 20,000 sq. ft. and greater
Bees4 hives6 hives-
Chickens and other domestic fowl46-
Miniature goats and miniature sheep35-
Miniature pigs2N/A-
Large livestock – standard goat, sheep, miniature horseN/AN/A2
Large livestock – horse, cow, llamaN/AN/A1

Are permits required?

No. You do not need a permit to keep livestock or bees, but you must comply with all Title 13 code standards and best practices. Beekeepers must notify neighbors within 150 feet of their property prior to installing hives.

What is not allowed in Portland city limits?

  • Roosters (male chickens).
  • Geese, turkeys, peacocks, emus and/or other larger domestic fowl that have a tendency to be loud and/or aggressive. Allowances are made for lots 20,000 square feet or greater that allow agricultural uses through Title 33: Zoning, or that have a conditional use permit, Chapter 33.815. In some zones, agricultural use is allowed by right. In other zones, the Conditional Use Review is required, or the use may be prohibited.
  • Pigs or other swine – unless the pig is a Vietnamese Miniature Pot-Bellied Pig with shoulder height 22 inches or less and weighs no more than 150 pounds.

I’ve observed someone breaking the law. How do I file a complaint?

What if I want more of these animals or different animals?

  • No additional livestock or bees are allowed.

Are there rules for how I keep my livestock?

  • Yes. The rules for keeping livestock are to ensure the well-being of the animals and reduce nuisances on neighboring property such as noise, smells, property damage, and rats and other vermin. Please follow the specific guidelines laid out in the code and best practices guidelines.

What if I want to keep bees?

Where can I learn more about the rules and best practices for keeping livestock and bees in the City of Portland?