Keeping large livestock animals in Portland

Requirements, standards, setbacks and other considerations for keeping standard goats, sheep, miniature horses, horses, mules, donkeys, and llamas in Portland.
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Rules, permits and complaints

Large livestock may only be kept on lots 20,000 square feet or greater that allow agricultural uses through Title 33: Zoning, or that have an approved conditional use.

  • 2 standard goats, sheep or miniature horses are allowed on lots 20,000 square feet and greater.
  • 1 horse, cow or llama is allowed on lots 20,000 square feet and greater.
  • Permits are not required, but you must comply with all Title 13 code standards and best practices.

View the general rules, allowances, permits and complaint information about keeping bees and livestock in Portland.

Well-being of the animal

The health or well-being of the animals will not be in any way endangered by the manner of keeping or confinement. This includes sufficient food, water, attend to special needs such as hoof care for goats and sheep, and skilled care for sick animals.

Condition of animal facility

The facility is in good repair, adequately ventilated, capable of being maintained in a clean and sanitary condition, free of vermin, obnoxious smells, and accumulated waste.

Best practices for standard goats, sheep, and miniature horses

Follow recommendations laid out by Oregon State University Extension Services.

Guidelines on slaughtering

  • Meat is for personal consumption and may not be sold, unless raised as an agricultural use (on land zoned for agricultural uses).
  • Slaughtering should be done out of the public review, view from neighboring properties, and the view of other animals.

Vector control

  • Feed and any supplements used to support animal health must be stored in a sealed container that is not penetrable by rodents or other animals.