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Help us guide how the City’s surveillance technologies policy is implemented

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The Smart City PDX program wants to make the implementation of the surveillance technologies policy a community driven process.

Portland City Council passed an initial surveillance technologies resolution on Feb. 1, 2023. The policy has five directives:

  1. Create a citywide surveillance technologies inventory.
  2. Effective surveillance technologies accountability, oversight, and effective public involvement.
  3. Implement privacy impact assessments in the procurement and planning of new surveillance technologies.
  4. Design a citywide privacy program.
  5. Impact assessments of automated decision systems.

Our team is looking at creating a space for a surveillance technologies steering group whose members are available to join an open forum to discuss specific actions, and defining public events, including digital literacy, co-design, and open and deliberation forums.

The expected time commitment is about 4 to 5 hours per month starting in late April through October. This work will not be compensated, but we may be able to offer incentives like childcare, travel, and connectivity support.

In addition, we can also procure accessibility tools and language interpretation if needed.  

If you are interested in joining this steering group, join one of the two informational events:

This events are intending to inform individuals interested in serving at the Smart City PDX surveillance technologies steering group. Both events will share the following agenda:

  • Open remarks, welcome, and presentation: 20 minutes
  • Activity to brainstorm ideas for the steering group: 20 minutes
  • Discussion and Q&A: 20 minutes

Join one of those sessions if you are interested in participating in this group.