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Help us build the City’s Surveillance Technologies Policy!

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This event will start a series of public meetings to learn, share, and contribute to the development of the surveillance technologies policy.

We will begin with a soft kickstart event on March 2nd, where our team will share concepts needed to understand how policies are developed in the City of Portland and the roadmap for developing the draft surveillance technologies policy.

This policy will provide guidelines and structure to the use and procurement of surveillance technologies, including implementing privacy impact assessments and effective public participation in governance and oversight. 

These events intend to create public space for discussion and collaboration to develop the City’s surveillance technologies policy. Our team wants to make sure that different voices, particularly those most impacted, are included and puts our community values and goals first.

The development of the surveillance technologies policy is divided in three modules:

  1. Surveillance technologies inventory, reporting, and oversight

  2. Governance and community involvement

  3. Procurement of surveillance technology and privacy services.

Each module will be open to a public space for discussion and analysis. These events will be streamed and recorded. 

A policy group will take these discussions, analyze best practices, and take policy guidelines, and start drafting the portion of the policy for that specific module. This policy group is open to all those who want to participate, but registration for attendance is required.

This approach is something new that our team is trying. We hope you will be able to tolerate delays, problems, or issues with the process. It is also an invitation to make the process itself better.

All the events will start on Wednesdays at 5:30 and last 2 hours. Note that the event on March 2 is one hour long and starts at 6 PM. Regular event meetings may extend beyond 7:30, but we will have a hard stop at 8:30 PM. 

Watch the introductory videos for this work:

View the full guidelines and description of the participatory policy making roadmap, goals, and coming events: