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September 27 work session on Surveillance Technologies and impact assessments

News Article
Portland’s City Council engaged in a work session on surveillance technologies and impact assessments. The session focused on the benefits of assessing the impacts and risks of technology.

Work session details

The City of Portland does not have a policy that guides City bureaus to use surveillance technologies. These guidelines can include how to minimize impacts and risks of technology.  Smart City PDX team and the Office of Equity and Human Rights are collaborating on the Surveillance technologies policy.  

This work session included how impact assessments requested already by bureaus. It looked at the benefits of identifying risks and social impacts of technology before using it. This knowledge can contribute to better transparency, accountability, and public trust.   

The Portland Bureau of Transportation and the Portland Police Bureau participated. Guest community members shared different perspectives on surveillance technologies and public involvement. 

Meeting recording

Council materials


  • Final adopted resolution
  • Testimony
  • Presentations
  • Additional documents and exhibits

Guest speakers

Guest speakers 

  • Assistant Chief Remi Reish sUAS assessment
  • Lauren Spear

Guest community members

  • O’Nesha Cochram-Dumas 
  • Aje Amaechi 
  • Chris Bushick 

Learn more

Learn more about this surveillance technologies policy by visiting the project webpage.