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Digital justice advocates share their views about surveillance technologies

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On October 9, 2021, the surveillance technologies policy development team organized a panel called "Meet the Experts: Learn about Digital Justice, Digital Rights, and Surveillance Technologies."

The event was intended to discuss impacts of surveillance technologies and how communities are organizing around them. 

Four experts joined us in this panel:

These experts dedicate their advocacy work to support communities. Our surveillance technologies policy team wants to learn from those experiences and help inform the Portland community. We will aim to invite them and other community members with passion and different types of expertise to participate in future events and engage in ongoing discussions. 

We have extracted questions and answers in a series of videos to facilitate access to specific issues and topics. We invite you to start with the introductory video where these experts introduce themselves and their work.

For accessibility, these videos have closed captions enabled and automatic translations are possible. These videos are free to use with attribution to the City of Portland, OR along the following: [CITY OF PORTLAND. VIDEO TITLE. WEBSITE NAME. PUBLICATION DATE. URL].

Watch the recording of the event, broken into a playlist of separate videos based on questions to each of the panelists: