City of Portland proposed Surveillance Technologies Policy review

Community Event
This event is an invitation to the Portland Community to learn about the proposed City’s Surveillance Technologies policy. We will be having an open discussion and conversation about the policy and the future of privacy and information protection in Portland.
6:00 pm 7:30 pm
Available Online

You can learn more and download the policy in this blog post.

To learn more about the whole policy development process and future events visit this blog post.

Prepare for the policy public testimony scheduled for November 30, 2022. 

This event will be presented by the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability Smart City PDX Program and the Office of Equity and Human Rights.  

Reading materials and recommended resources 

We intend to have informed conversations and discussions. We recommend you access the following resources and materials before joining the event: 

About Smart City PDX 

Smart City PDX is a program of the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability of the City of Portland and its mission includes to use data and technology responsibly to support a healthy, safe, more affordable and prosperous Portland for everyone. 

About the Office of Equity and Human Rights 

The Office of Equity and Human Rights is a City of Portland agency that promotes equity and reduction of disparities within City government; it also works with community partners to promote equity and inclusion within Portland and throughout the region, producing measurable improvements and disparity reductions. 

Services provided 

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