About the Community Safety Data Project

screenshot of data dashboard showing colored horizontal bars, icons and graphs
The Community Safety Data Project is a limited term investment to expand centralized, modern data management services. The initial focus is to improve public safety data accessibility and management. This work is led by the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability and the Community Safety Division.

Background Information

Our City faces pressing community safety challenges. This project intends to improve service delivery and connections between public safety bureaus and Portland communities—therefore creating community-informed practices around data equity and public safety visualizations that will extend past this project. This project is an initial focus of the investment to provide centralized, modern data management services to additional City and community priorities.

The goal of this project is to provide Portland communities with equitable access to community safety data. This includes data about the work our community safety teams do across several bureaus, progress on community safety-related emergency declarations, and how investments are becoming reality.

The Community Safety Data Project is a joint effort between Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) and the Community Safety Division (CSD).

Findings and Workplan Report

The Findings and Workplan Report is a detailed description of the Community Safety Data Project. The report outlines an assessment phase, where conversations with data analysts, program managers and bureau leadership identified data analysis and management needs. These needs were then categorized by priority and feasibility and developed into an implementation plan, which includes a project workplan and estimated timeline.

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Next Steps

Next steps and timelines will evolve with more feedback and uncovering of new challenges and remain flexible so the effort can be accountable to changing needs.