2023 City of Portland Open Data Day Disco Tech

Community Event
The Smart City PDX Open Data program organized an Open Data Disco Tech as part of the 2023 Open Data Day celebrations. This hands-on Disco Tech event invited Portlanders and data analysts in the City to work with open data.
9:00 am 5:00 pm

What was the open data disco tech?

The 2023 Open Data Disco Tech was a public event dedicated to the Portland community interested in exploring public data. This event was open to all. We prioritized individuals coming from communities or groups that have been historically underserved.

This event was the first hands-on event that the Smart City PDX open data program has coordinated. A group of volunteers joined biweekly to coordinate this event. Volunteers included members of organizations like Code for PDX, PDX Women in Tech, and Portland State University’s Population Research Center. View photos from the event.


Doors opened at 9 AM and the event started at 9:30 (for in-person and online attendance). The event ended at 4 PM.

9:30 a.m. Kick off.

10:00 a.m. Team formation and break out rooms - put together a list of subjects.

11:30 a.m. Lunch break - lunch provided to in-person attendees.

12:30 p.m. Teams check in.

1:00 - 3:00 p.m. Teamwork – afternoon session.

3:00 p.m. Teams demo and report back.

4:00 p.m. End of event.

Event format

This event used the Democracy lab’s platform to recruit team members for specific projects and enable collaboration.

For this event, we tried to focus the use and exploration of the City of Portland’s open data in four different projects or working tables:

  • Introduction to data 101 - data basics
  • Exploring Portland neighborhoods
  • Mobility data
  • Public safety data

Hugh Harker from Code for PDX shared a presentation on how to get started with a data project. We used it to introduce basic concepts to people who joined with little experience working with data.

Results from these worktables are shared on GitHub in this repository sponsored by Code for PDX.

Notes from the teams were able to take notes are shared by the public safety group in an open document.

Open datasets

Every project suggested City open datasets to start data exploration. This list describes datasets that were explored in the Disco Tech:

General data sources

Portland maps
Maps of the City of Portland as Geographic information systems (GIS) data.

GIS Open data portal
Data portal managed by the City of Portland GIS team. Searchable.

Portland maps metadata
Site with metadata of portlandmaps datasets.

Portland human resources data
Portland bureau of human resources Public Analytics Dashboards.

National Equity Atlas
The Atlas contains data on demographic change, racial and economic inclusion, and the potential economic gains.

Black wealth data center
Repository for Black wealth data.

Metro RLIS
The RLIS Live catalog, including tax lots, streets, transit, zoning, jurisdictional boundaries, addresses, rivers, and more.

Portland neighborhood data

Portland Neighborhood Profiles
Civic Life is partnering with Portland State University (PSU) Population Research Center to develop data-rich neighborhood profiles.

Neighborhood data
Portland neighborhood data (raw data).

Neighborhood data metadata
Portland neighborhood data (metadata).

Economic vulnerability map
Gentrification and Displacement Studies.

Housing affordability
Explore affordable housing developments: Rental Housing Development Pipeline; Housing Profiles; PHB Affordable Rental Housing Portfolio

Portland Metro social vulnerability data
Regional indices and indicators related to potential social vulnerability in the Portland metropolitan region

Portland mobility data

Vision zero
PBOT’s Vision Zero map tracks all serious injury and fatal crashes in traffic incidents.

Ride Report Micromobility – Open Data Portal
The Micromobility dashboard tracks ride information taken through PBOT’s micromobility programs.

Metro Rlis
Portland Metropolitan government transportation data.

TRIMET maps and real time transit data.

Portland public safety data

PPB open data portal
Portland Police Bureau’s open data portal.

Portland street response
Data from the Portland Street Response team.

Portland Fire and rescue dashboard
Dashboards from Portland Fire and Rescue.