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How to set up and use a Chromebook

Guides to using Chromebook.
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Chromebook setup guides

Chromebook Basics

Learn what a Chromebook is, how it is different from a Windows based PC, and its special features. This includes how to switch from Microsoft Windows, creating a Google Account, and an overview on how to set up your Chromebook.

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Chromebook Accessibility Features

There are various built-in accessibility features with Chromebooks that work across applications such as dictation, select-to-speak, keyboard shortcuts, magnify the screen, and the ChromeVox screen reader. Learn how to turn on these features and other settings that might be helpful covering display and visuals, audio and captions, spoken feedback, and motor impairments.

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Troubleshooting your Chromebook

While Chromebooks are fairly trouble free, this covers common problems like hardware, battery, or connectivity issues. Learn about potential solutions such as resetting your device, how to remove malicious apps, and wiping your Chromebook. At the end, you’ll receive helpful resources for further training and support.

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Data Protection and Privacy for Chromebooks

Chromebooks are secure devices; this video shows how to manage your privacy and secure your account. Learn how to control your privacy and security settings, delete data, and best practices for online safety and security, and recover or get back into your Google account.

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Introduction to the Google Play Store

This video is an overview of what the ‘Cloud’ is and the types of applications on Chromebooks that use this. This will tell you the applications included with a Google Account, and other apps or extensions on Chrome you can download to extend the capability of your browser. This also includes instructions on how to access the Google Play store and pull up downloaded applications.

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Introduction to G-Suite for Chromebooks

This video provides an overview of Google Drive features which covers how to store and view your files, offline access, and the types of files you can store.

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Getting and Using Apps from Google Play

This features a deep dive into Google Play such as how to find, install, and remove applications. This will also show that how to find applications for work, games, and for kids and learn how to access other content like books, movies, and television. Finally, this video will show the top productivity apps and software available which cover note taking apps, personal finance, photo editing, and video editing.

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Maintaining and Getting Support for your Chromebook

To ensure the best performance for your Chromebook, follow the day-to-day use tips presented in this video which includes software updates, protecting your device from damage, and using peripherals. Other tips include how to properly clean your Chromebook, optimize the battery, and where to get help for other issues.

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Using Chromebooks for Video Meetings

Learn about the most used platforms for video meetings, other video conference tools, and how households use them to stay connected. This will feature a deep dive into Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams and present other options such as Google Duo and WhatsApp.

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