Privacy assessments from Smart City PDX

Privacy assessments are tools that increase transparency and accountability and enhance the level of public trust in city operations. Smart City PDX offers privacy assessments as a service to all City of Portland offices and bureaus.

Initial Privacy Assessments

Initial Privacy Assessments (IPAs) are designed to identify critical privacy issues, assess whether additional assessment is required, and to help ensure compliance with applicable privacy laws, policies and principles. Smart City PDX offers IPAs as a service to all City of Portland offices and bureaus.

Privacy Impact Assessments

A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is a method for collecting and documenting information collected in order to conduct an in-depth privacy review of a program or project. PIAs look into how the agency will use collected information, data governance, full life cycle of data management, including deletion, sharing, data quality and accuracy, detailed legal obligations and compliance and mechanism for transparency and accountability.

Privacy assessments for City bureaus

City of Portland offices and bureaus should request a privacy assessment anytime a City program is requesting, collecting, using, disclosing or sharing personal information or data. Personal information includes such details as an individual's name, address, and phone number. Metadata like IP addresses and geo-location data can be used to identify a specific individual.

Completed Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs)

The Smart City PDX worked with bureaus offering privacy impact assessments to identify privacy risks and impacts. The PIAs developed from 2020 to 2022 were part of a pilot period and are released to the public as a reference for this work.


PPB-Body Worn Camera pilot PIA. Portland Police Bureau use of body worn cameras in regular activities.

Apricot360 PIA. Apricot360 is a case management system used by the Office of Violence Prevention to manage information from people who have experience gun violence.


PBOT - Numina. A pilot project in partnership with PSU to install Numina sensors on PBOT assets to collect street level data on localized travel behaviors.

BES - LVT Security Trailer. The Bureau of Environmental Services is assessing the use of LiveView Mobile Security Observatory Trailer for BES facilities including remote pumping stations. When triggered, these mobile security platforms will provide live video feeds, illuminate the immediate area, and alert BES security – all during hours of darkness.

Smart City PDX comments on ShotSpotter Recommendation. Smart City PDX Comments on the Focused Intervention Team Community Oversight Group’s (FIT-COG) Official Recommendation on the Implementation of ShotSpotter Technology as a Focused Deterrence Tool to Address Gun Violence in Portland.

PPB - UAS pilot. sUAS is the term used for Small Unmanned Aerial Systems, also commonly referred to as “Drones”. The regulated use of sUAS by the PPB Investigations Branch will provide improvements in safety for both officers and community members. Additionally, the use of sUAS technology in crime / major crash scene events reduces inconvenience to the public by significantly reducing documentation time at a scene.


PBOT-BTS ALPR. This is a pilot for ONE vehicle with an automatic license plate reader (ALPR) for area parking permit enforcement.

PPR - Safegraph. Portland Parks & Recreation is planning to use aggregated geolocation data to understand how many visitors are in parks, when and for how long they visit a park, and how far they travel to get to a park.


C19oregon. This document provides a quick review of the changes to the privacy policy as last updated April 20, 2020.

PBOT – Replica. Replica is a computer simulation tool that helps customers – which include city planners, such as state and local governments – understand the movement of a population in and around a city or other location, how a population uses certain resources, and trends and other information concerning a prescribed location.