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Annexation is the process of changing municipal boundaries to bring adjacent unincorporated areas into an existing city, typically to provide urban services not presently available. Properties must be within the municipal boundary of the City of Portland to receive City services.
What we do at BPS; contact us; Director Andrea Durbin's bio and quarterly calendars.
Have questions, concerns, or complaints regarding your garbage, recycling or compost service? We’re here to help.
These events offered neighborhood, community and nonprofit organizations funds for disposal of bulky household waste.
Map, details, and drop-off sites for the many CSAs that serve the Portland area.
Find your District Liaison's name and contact information.
Design guidelines are intended to aid designers and developers in understanding Portland’s urban design expectations and to aid them in preparing for the urban design review process. The review process ensures that these expectations will be met for all proposals in Portland.
BPS’s Economic Development Planning Program supports economic equity, land use planning for business districts, economic development policy, and economic research for bureau projects. 
The 2017 Electric Vehicle Strategy is an update to Portland's first electric vehicle strategy, Electric Vehicles: The Portland Way, which was developed in 2010.
Locations and schedules for farmers markets in Portland
The City of Portland’s policies and projects focus on food access and resources to improve the availability and affordability of fresh, healthy, locally produced food. These policies and projects work to promote community resiliency, equity, and environmental, economic, and personal health.
Research on the effects of land use planning and gentrification on Portland’s communities of color and other vulnerable populations.
How historical racist land use planning contributed to racial segregation and inequity for people of color in Portland
The HOI is a "package" of two zoning projects (Residential Infill Project and Better Housing by Design) and a newly formed Anti-Displacement Action Plan that address the issue of housing access and affordability for Portlanders.
Some helpful resources and tutorials about land use planning in Oregon, Metro, and Portland.
Find interactive and printable (full-color, 44" x 34") maps of citywide adopted plans, business associations, Comp Plan designation, FAR and maximum heights, historic resources, neighborhood associations, zoning map, annexations, urban service boundary maps, and more.
Annexation application for property owners and registered voters.
The regulatory improvement program updates and improves City building and land regulations, to foster development.
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Accommodations provided by the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
The Urban Design Studio works with the community and agency partners to explore citywide design issues and opportunities.
Links to Title 33, Planning and Zoning Code in PDF and web map formats.