Sustainability & Climate Commission Proposal Draft Review

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Image of arms that read "urgent" and "solution" hugging the earth with plants above and fire waves below.
Help Portland form the new climate oversight body by giving public comment on the Sustainability & Climate Commission proposed framework.
Graphic of the earth with arms reading "urgent solution" hugging it with plants spread out above and waves of fire underneath.
This work Urgent Solutions by Gorka Gil for Artists for Climate is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 4.0 International.

In 2010, the City of Portland created the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC), which combined the Planning Commission and the Multnomah County/Portland Sustainable Development Commission. Over the years, responsibilities related to both land use planning and sustainability in Portland became more than one commission could take on effectively.

In addition, issues related to sustainability and climate change became more prominent and urgent. With that consideration, Commissioner Rubio directed the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) to split the PSC into two distinct governance bodies — one to focus on planning and the other on sustainability and climate justice.

The Planning Commission Code Amendments project dissolved the PSC and formed the Planning Commission in February 2023. The City of Portland is working to develop an ordinance that would establish a new sustainability and climate justice body: the Sustainability & Climate Commission (SCC).

The SCC will reset the scope, expectations, and establish a new authority on climate and sustainability. It will also create accountability for the City and its service areas, as well as the Portland community.

This proposed framework was shaped by input from public, private and nonprofit sectors, community feedback from the City charter reform process and SCC in-person and virtual events. We welcome your feedback on this proposal from March 1-31. The proposal will be heard by Portland City Council on Wednesday, April 24.

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View the playlist of past events and information about the SCC process on YouTube.


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