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Shelter to Housing Continuum Code Package – Notice of Adoption

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Includes links to the ordinance and supporting documents, exhibits, and findings.

Oregon land use law requires the City of Portland to notify participants in a land use change process when a decision has been made. On April 28, City Council adopted an ordinance with changes to Title 33 (Planning and Zoning) for the Shelter to Housing Continuum project. The changes addressing homeless shelters were effective immediately; other portions will become effective on Aug. 1, 2021.

A formal Notice of Adoption of a Post Acknowledgement Plan Amendment for the project was filed with the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development on May 17, 2021.

Links to the ordinance and supporting documents, including exhibits, findings, and records of the PSC and Council proceedings include:  

Adopted ordinance

Amend Title 33, Planning and Zoning of the Portland City Code to facilitate the provision of shelter and housing options for Portlanders in need. Adopted on April 28, 2021.

Exhibits and findings

Findings Report

A report documenting consistency with state, regional and local land use policies. (Exhibit A of the ordinance)

S2HC As-adopted Volume 1

Volume 1 contains an introduction and serves as legislative intent and further findings. (Exhibit B of the ordinance)

S2HC As-adopted Volume 2

Volume 2 contains the amendments to Title 33 of the Portland City Code, which includes all the City’s planning and zoning regulations. (Exhibit C of the ordinance)

Shelter to Housing Continuum Interim Zoning Code Amendments

Because the ordinance had two effective dates, this exhibit shows the interim code is until August 1 for certain impacted sections. (Exhibit D of the ordinance)


Testimony for the project is stored in an online database and is available to decisionmakers and the public at


Council records

Records of the Planning and Sustainability deliberations and other project records are  stored in the City’s electronic records system and are permanently available to decisionmakers and the public at the following links: 

November 10, 2020 PSC Briefing

December 8, 2020 PSC Hearing

December 15, 2020 PSC Hearing

January 12, 2021 PSC Work Session

January 26, 2021 PSC Work Session and Recommendation:

Other project reports