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River Plan / South Reach project documents

Recommended Draft

Volume 1, Policies, Objectives and Recommendations

Presents the overall vision for the South Reach and translates that vision into implementation proposals for the next 20 years. These implementation proposals include updates to the Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Code, other City plans and other actions.

Volume 2, Scenic Resources Protection Plan

Inventories and evaluates South Reach scenic resources. Scenic resources include viewpoints, view streets and scenic corridors, among others.

Volume 3, Natural Resources Protection Plan

Inventories and evaluates natural resources in the South Reach. The South Reach planning area is broken into five inventory sites to allow for a more detailed assessment of potential environmental protections.

Volume 4, Background Materials

Background materials that informed the development of the River Plan / South Reach.

Miscellaneous documents

Cultural resources technical memo

Draft Natural Resources Inventory

Draft Existing Conditions Report

Planning area maps