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Residential Infill Project documents

City Council As-Amended Draft (July 2020)

Introduction; summary and analysis of proposals; and map changes to reflect the Council's amendments. 

Text changes to the zoning code, comprehensive plan terms and affordable housing regulations with accompanying commentary. 

Includes Appendices A - G.

City Council Materials

Includes six different potential amendment packages including technical changes, a deeper affordability bonus, and historic resources protections. 

Summarizes the amendment proposals that received general support from City Council for further development 

Describes the amendment proposals for City Council’s worksession discussion on February 12, 2020

Overview of the Residential Infill Project proposals, presented on January 15, 2020

Presentation to City Council on December 11, 2019

Recommended Draft (August 2019)


Eight-page summary of zoning code and map amendments, includes map of proposed ‘z’ overlay zone and historically narrow lot rezoning.

Volume 1 

Introduction; summary and analysis of proposals; and map changes to reflect the PSC’s recommendations.

Volume 2

PSC’s recommended changes to the zoning code with accompanying commentary

Volume 3: Appendices

Memorandum from Johnson Economics LLC describes economic analysis methodology and findings for the Recommended Draft

BPS analysis of the displacement impacts of PSC’s possible amendments on affected vulnerable communities and potential mitigation strategies.

Description of FAR and analysis of how different cities use FAR in single-dwelling zoning regulations.

Notes from visitability focus groups and cities that have implemented visitability regulations.

City staff analyzed the 2015 building permits for new one- and two-unit residential construction in the R2.5 zones.

Maps and rationale for selecting areas with concentrations of historically narrow lots to rezone from R5 to R2.5 reflects PSC’s possible amendments.

Description of the origin of historically narrow lots and a summary of the applicable regulations over time.


The following maps provide tax lot level detail of R2.5, R5 and R7 zones showing maintained streets, recommended new ‘z’ overlay and R2.5 rezones.