Memorial Day closure

Most City of Portland offices will be closed Monday, May 27, in observance of Memorial Day.

New public trash cans in North Portland

Close up of a black public trash can with art on the side showing a brightly colored painting of people. In the background is a bikelane and a Biketown bike.
The City of Portland added over 125 new public trash cans throughout North Portland and the Lloyd District in 2022.

These new cans increased the total number of City-provided and serviced trash cans in North Portland and the Lloyd District to 217. 

The containers and installation costs were funded by the American Rescue Plan

Where to find the new cans 

The new public trash cans are located on public sidewalks, including near businesses, schools, and intersections in the area from Burnside on the South to the Columbia River on the North and from the Willamette on the West and N Williams on the East. Additionally, new trash cans were added to the Lloyd District.   

Shows map of North Portland with an outline around the area of Willamette River on the West, city limits on the North, Burnside on the South, and Williams on the East. Includes Lloyd area from Burnside on the south, Broadway on the North, River on the West, NE 15th Ave on the East.

Thank you to the many people who live and work in North Portland and the Lloyd District who provided feedback on where the new cans should be located. We received over 175 survey responses from individuals, local community organizations, businesses, and neighborhood associations.

About the trash cans

Three rectangular trash cans are shown. The top of the cans are black with the city of Portland seal in white on one side. Artwork covers most of the cans. The first can shows a person's face with bright geometrical shapes around it (artist is Latoya Lovely). The second shows a small bird with wings open and geometrical shapes behind it (artist is Alex Chiu). The third shows colorful line and paint sketches of people laughing and dancing (artist is Molly Mendoza).
New public trash cans in North Portland and Lloyd District showing art by (from left to right) Latoya Lovely, Alex Chiu, and Molly Mendoza.

The art on the outside of the new public trash cans in North Portland was designed by local artists and chosen in partnership with local community members.

The artists for the North cans are Latoya Lovely, Molly Mendoza, and Alex Chiu. Each artist provided art for two cans. 

The trash cans will be emptied twice a week by COR Disposal. COR Disposal is a Black-owned, B Corp certified company located in East Portland. 

Cans have a side attachment for deposit beverage bottles, which can be collected by community members.