New public trash cans in NE Portland

A public trash can decorated with art of a mountain on one side and a bus on the other, located on a sidewalk next to a two lane road with bike lanes.
In 2023, the City will be adding new public trash cans throughout Northeast Portland.

These 150 new cans will increase the total number of City-provided and serviced trash cans in Northeast Portland to 215.

Thank you to the many people who live and work in Northeast Portland who provided feedback on where the new cans should be located. 

We will begin installing the new cans in early 2023.

Area where new trash cans will be added

Shows map of NE Portland with an outline around the area of I-205 on the East, City Limits on the North, NE Rodney Ave. on the West, and Burnside on the south (includes Burnside).

The new cans will be added in the area from I-205 on the East, City Limits on the North, NE Rodney Avenue on the West, and Burnside Street on the South (includes Burnside Street). (For new cans in the Lloyd District, find information here.)

Cans may be placed on public sidewalks, including near businesses, schools, and intersections. (The cans cannot be placed in parking lots or other private property.) 

About the trash cans

A public trash can decorated with art of a mountain and the city logo, located on the sidewalk a few feet from an intersection. Another trash can is visible on the opposite side of the intersection.

The 65-gallon trash cans are 4.5-feet tall and take up a 3x3-foot space on the ground. In some cases, such as narrow sidewalks, a smaller 35-gallon can may be used. 

The cans have a side attachment for deposit beverage bottles, which can be easily collected by community members. The art on the outside of the cans will be designed by local artists, chosen in partnership with local arts groups.

The trash cans will be emptied twice a week by a woman or minority-owned trash hauler (currently being selected).

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