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Community cleanup resources

How to help clean up litter and graffiti in your neighborhood and around Portland. Plus, where to report overflowing public trash cans, abandoned vehicles or shopping carts, and other areas with large quantities of trash.
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Volunteer to pick up litter

Join an organized litter cleanup through SOLVE. Check out SOLVE's calendar of cleanup events or contact them at or 503-844-9571.

Organize your own cleanup through SOLVE. SOLVE will provide cleanup supplies and assistance. Learn more or contact or 503-844-9571.

Adopt your block and commit to regular cleanups, with help from Adopt One Block.

Report overflowing trash cans

Report overflowing public trash cans.

(For issues with a residential trash can or commercial dumpster, contact the City's Garbage and Recycling program.)

Report trash in public areas

Abandoned vehicles can be reported to the City through an online form or by calling 311.

Abandoned shopping carts can be reported to the City.

Mattresses, furniture, bags of trash, loose trash, or other large, bulky waste not associated with encampments can be reported to RID Patrol or 503-234-3000.

Report trash near encampments

For large piles of trash bags or loose trash near encampments, call 311 or file a report online through PDX Reporter (select the "campsite reporting" icon).

Graffiti removal

The City's Graffiti Program offers no-cost or reduced-cost graffiti removal assistance to residents, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations who meet eligibility criteria. You can request assistance free supplies to remove graffiti yourself: Contact

Report graffiti

Your efforts matter

Thank you for helping to keep Portland clean by volunteering to pick up litter and letting us know when trash cans are overflowing. Litter can cause real harm to animals and sea life. Plastic waste is particularly concerning because it tends to persist in the environment and breaks down into small pieces that harm wildlife and aquatic animals when they eat it. Learn more.