Planning and Sustainability Commission Meeting

Public Meeting
Agenda includes: Low-Carbon Concrete (briefing); Earthquake Ready Burnside Bridge (briefing); Ezones Map Correction Project (hearing)
5:00 pm 7:45 pm
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5:00 pm - Call to Order
Items of Interest from Commissioners
Director's Report

5:09 pm - Consent Agenda
Consideration of Minutes from the February 9, 2021 PSC meeting

5:10 pm - Low-Carbon Concrete

5:45 pm - Earthquake Ready Burnside Bridge

6:15 pm - Ezone Map Correction Project

7:45 pm - Adjourn

**Testimony for the Ezone Map Correction Project will be taken. Registration to provide oral testimony is now closed. Written testimony will be accepted at until 5 p.m. on Friday, February 26, 2021, via the MapApp.

00:00 Items of Interest from Commissioners

03:32 Director's Report

06:14 Consent Agenda

7:04 Low Carbon Concrete briefing

47:02 Earthquake Ready Burnside Bridge briefing

1:20:09 Ezone Map Correction Project hearing

2:29:40 PSC Discussion of Letter to PBOT