Planning and Sustainability Commission Meeting

Public Meeting
Agenda includes: Vote for 2021 PSC officers; Shelter to Housing Continuum work session; PSC Retreat agenda discussion; Historic Resources Code Project work session
12:30 pm 4:00 pm
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12:30 pm - Call to Order
Items of Interest from Commissioners
Director's Report

12:40 pm - Consent Agenda
Consideration of Minutes from the December 8 and 15, 2020 PSC meetings

12:41 pm2021 PSC Officers

12:50 pm - Shelter to Housing Continuum Project
Work Session

2:30 pm - Framing Sustainability for the PSC Retreat 

3:00 pm - Historic Resources Code Project
Work Session

4:00 pm - Adjourn

06:04 Vote for 2021 PSC Officers

11:30 Shelter to Housing Continuum project Work Session

2:12 Framing Sustainability for the PSC Retreat Discussion

2:36 Historic Resources Code Project Work Session