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About the PSC

General information about the PSC; current members; general meeting schedule and agendas.

The PSC is committed to effective public involvement and leadership in its work and in the decisions it considers. Its charge is to act for the benefit of the people of Portland, and commissioners develop recommendations they think will make Portland a better city. They do that by holding public hearings and discussing issues and proposals.

PSC members

A national leader in both city planning and sustainability, the City of Portland is guided by the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC), which is composed of 11 volunteer members with expertise in a range of areas. As a group, they have a variety of viewpoints, and together they work to balance and optimize the goals of the City.

  1. Jeff Bachrach, Attorney, Bachrach Lawterm ends 5/31/2021 (first full term)
  2. Ben Bortolazzo, Partner, Director of Planning & Design, OTAK term ends 5/31/2021 (first full term)
  3. Jessie Gittemeier, Student, Lewis and Clark Law School (Youth Commissioner, 2-year term ending 12/31/2022)
  4. Mike Houck, Executive Director, Urban Greenspaces Institute term ends 5/31/2021 (last term)
  5. Katie Larsell, Executive Director, Oregon Unitarian Universalist Voices for Justice term ends 5/31/2023 (first full term)
  6. Oriana Magnera, Climate and Energy Policy Coordinator, Verde term ends 5/31/2023 (first full term)
  7. Valeria McWilliams, Regional Housing Analyst, Metro term ends 5/31/2025 (first full term)
  8. Steph Routh (Vice Chair), Principal, Steph Routh & Team term ends 5/31/2023 (first full term)
  9. Katherine Schultz (Vice Chair), Architect, GBD Architects term ends 5/31/2021 (first full term)
  10. Chris Smith, Interactive Marketing, Xerox term ends 5/31/2021 (last term)
  11. Eli Spevak (Chair), Owner, Orange Splot LLC term ends 5/31/2023 (first full term)


Brief bios for current PSC members

Meeting schedule

The PSC meets regularly, unless otherwise notified:

  • Second Tuesday of each month, 12:30 p.m.
  • Fourth Tuesday of each month, 5 p.m.

PSC Calendar


Meeting agendas are published in the Metro section of The Daily Journal of Commerce before each meeting. Agendas are also posted to this website approximately 7-10 days before each meeting. Individuals or groups may ask to receive the agenda, either via email or hard copy, by contacting staff at psc@portlandoregon.gov or 503-823-6041.

"Briefings" and "Work Sessions" are items for which staff will share and receive information with the Commission.

For items noted as “Hearings” on an agenda, public testimony will be taken. 

All PSC meetings are available by live-stream video and minutes are taken. Completed meeting minutes, along with documents and presentations from PSC meetings, and are available approximately 3 days following each meeting in the City of Portland archives.

Meetings are live-streamed on BPS' YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/portlandbps.

Full-length video of PSC meetings is shown starting the Friday after each meeting on cable Channel 30:

  • Fridays at 3 p.m.
  • Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.
  • Sunday at 7 a.m.