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Anti-Displacement Action Plan

The Anti-Displacement Action Plan (ADAP) is a joint effort between the City of Portland and the community to coordinate policies and actions that promote equitable development and reduce the harmful impacts of involuntary displacement on residents, businesses and cultural organizations.

Better Housing by Design

An update to Portland's multi-dwelling zoning code.

Central City 2035

Portland's long-term plan to guide development and decision-making in the Central City.

Dark Skies: Strategies for Reducing Light Pollution in Portland

The Dark Skies project is developing recommendations to reduce light pollution in Portland.

Design Overlay Zone Amendments (DOZA)

Portland is known for its high-quality planning and urban design. The design overlay zone (d-overlay) provides direction on development and urban design and is implemented through design review. This project will update and improve the process and the tools used in design review.

Expanding Opportunities for Affordable Housing

There are more than 400 community-based organizations with hundreds of acres of buildable land in Portland. Many members of these communities want to help solve the housing crisis. This project, funded by a grant from Metro, will help them start the process.

Expiration Date Extension Project

Includes code amendments to Title 33 that would extend some land use reviews and pre-application conferences, maintain inclusionary housing rates, and allow virtual neighborhood meetings in an effort to provide relief to applicants impacted by COVID-19 and the resulting economic disruption.

Ezones Map Correction Project

Correcting the maps of conservation and protection overlay zones (ezones) to better align with existing rivers, streams, wetlands, flood area, vegetation, steep slopes, and wildlife habitat.

Fossil Fuel Terminal Zoning Amendments

The project will help implement new policy direction for fossil fuel distribution and storage facilities, through changes to the zoning code.

Historic Resources Code Project

Historic resources provide tangible and meaningful connections to Portland’s past. The Historic Resources Code Project (HRCP) will update and improve the processes, regulations, and incentives that apply to the city’s most significant historic places.

Montgomery Park to Hollywood Transit and Land Use Development Study

Exploring future potential transit service between Montgomery Park in NW Portland and the Hollywood Town Center, and opportunities for housing and jobs in the corridor.

Neighborhood Contact Code Update Project

This project reviewed the "Neighborhood Contact" requirement in the Zoning Code (33.700.025) to create a more effective process to support early information-sharing between project developers and neighbors. The Zoning Code changes were adopted in May 2019 and went into effect Dec. 2, 2019.

Off-road Cycling Master Plan

The project will develop a citywide plan for a system of off-road cycling facilities – such as sustainable trail networks, skill parks and pump tracks – for a variety of users.

Parkrose-Argay Development Study

Explores opportunities to create a complete and connected neighborhood on the 30-acre site at NE 122nd Avenue and NE Shaver Street.

Powell-Division Transit and Development Project

Will bring new regional transit and supporting development to Southeast Portland, East Portland and Gresham in five to seven years. This is a Metro-led project, and Portland is an active and contributing partner.

Residential Infill Project

The City of Portland is taking a fresh look at the rules that govern the types of housing permitted in our neighborhoods. The changes proposed by this project would allow more housing units to be built in residential neighborhoods, but only if they follow new limits on size and scale.

River Plan

A comprehensive, multi-objective plan for the land along the Willamette River. It is an update of the 1987 Willamette Greenway Plan, greenway zoning code and greenway design guidelines. The River Plan will be completed in three phases: North Reach, Central Reach, and South Reach.

Shelter to Housing Continuum Project

BPS, Housing Bureau, and Joint City-County Office of Homeless Services are partnering to retool City codes to better address the homelessness crisis. The project will further fair housing, expand shelter and housing options, and improve city code to aid shelter and housing providers.

South Portland Area Planning

The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability and Portland Bureau of Transportation are working with community members to develop transportation and land use plans in South Portland, featuring a Naito Main Street Plan.

South Portland Historic District Design Guidelines

New approval criteria for additions, alterations, and new construction are being developed for the South Portland Historic District.