Building Healthy Connected Communities Along Division Transit report ready for public review

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Community members invited to review proposed improvements to the Division Transit corridor, related actions, transportation proposals and policy recommendations.

The final report for the Building Healthy Connected Communities Along the Division Transit Corridor is now available for public review. The report focuses on three areas long the Division Transit project alignment between SE 76th and the Gresham city limits near SE 174th. The three areas are the Jade District, Division Midway, and 162nd Avenue.

The report includes information about opportunities and constraints for each focus area. And the recommendations serve primarily as a resource and stepping stone to further action.

Key recommendations in the report include:

  1. Street spacing standards. Provide the option for a new connection to be built in phases across multiple properties to increase feasibility on more sites.
  2. Small area and site planning. Zoning code and area planning tools can be adjusted to make development of opportunity sites more feasible as well as achieve policy objectives.
  3. Technical assistance. The City should create a program or practice of ongoing conversations with property owners and businesses not only in the Division Transit Corridor but all East Portland (including 82nd Ave) as well.
  4. Street plans. Continue development and implementation of adopted street plans.
  5. New policy, programs and tools. A finer grained pedestrian and bike (multi-modal) system is needed in East Portland. The City and its partners should continue exploring additional funding mechanisms for sidewalks and other pedestrian and bike priority infrastructure.
  6. Add several transportation projects in East Portland Centers to the Transportation System Plan (TSP) and Transportation System Development Charges (TSDC) project lists to improve safety, access and connectivity.

This report is one deliverable within a suite of coordinated actions taken in conjunction with the Division Transit project. Key partners in the project and these related actions are Metro, TriMet, Prosper Portland, and the City of Gresham.

What's next?

The next steps for the public and project team include:

  1. Public review period for the final report from August through December 2019.
  2. Portland City Council consideration: A public hearing is tentatively planned for December 2019.
  3. City Council adoption: A vote will be scheduled in December 2019.

Review the final report and comment

Community members are invited to review the final report for the Building Healthy Connected Communities Along the Division Transit Corridor:

Submit comments to staff about the report by December 1, 2019.