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Mock up of a possible future of West Portland Town Center with multi-level buildings, public transportation, bike lane, people walking down the sidewalk, and trees.
The Recommended Draft of the West Portland Town Center Plan includes ideas to create more housing, jobs, transportation access, and community spaces in and around "The Crossroads."

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Created with and for the community, the WPTC Plan embodies a shared vision for an equitable future with better social, economic and health outcomes for all — in a vibrant, people-centered, resilient place around “The Crossroads,” the intersection of Barbur Blvd, I-5 and Capitol Highway. This long-range plan (5, 20, 50 years out) will shape future development and guide the work and investments of the City in this growing area of SW Portland.  

The Plan centers the voices of communities of color, immigrants, and people with low incomes — those most affected by future changes and the impacts of environmental inequities, climate change, displacement pressure and systemic racism.

They identified the following community priorities for the future of the town center:

  • Encourage a sense of place and maintain community through housing and rent stability, healthy homes, and home ownership opportunities.
  • Provide more and safer transit and walking options.
  • Foster culturally specific businesses and gathering places, as well as new affordable housing for refugees and other low-income Portlanders.   

By considering the health and racial equity aspects of growth and change, the Plan works to build a future where everyone can have access to the economic and health benefits expected with improvements to the area.

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