West Portland Town Center Plan Online Open House

This open house presents information on possible growth concepts for the West Portland Town Center and surrounding area. We want to hear what elements of each concept you think most support the community's goals. Please review and complete the survey to share your comments.
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You are invited to review and provide ideas for growing an inclusive, healthy, and people-centered West Portland Town Center. Please take a few minutes to review the background information below, the community goals, and the growth concept pages, then share your thoughts through the online survey.


West Portland has the makings of a dynamic, multi-cultural, amenity-rich town center with a small mix of restaurants and shops, a robust network of sidewalks and green streets, and additional housing of all types. In the coming years, more people and businesses are expected in outer SW Portland, so it’s time to plan for the improvements and benefits the community would like to see as it grows and changes – with or without light rail.

Read more about the project's purpose, community goals, and timeline.

Growth concepts

From community input, staff drafted three future growth concept maps to help refine ideas for the town center plan. All three concepts reflect community goals and desires for a safe, inclusive and prosperous community in slightly different ways. Each concept page includes maps, images, descriptions, and comparisons to highlight the features of each one and show how they are different:

All three concepts also include a new main street on SW Collins St east of Capitol Hwy and redevelopment of the Barbur Transit Center (BTC) as shown below, as well as preservation of larger low-cost apartment complexes in area.

Rendering of streetscape looking south from Barbur Transit Center
Future view along Barbur looking southwest, showing a redeveloped Barbur Transit Center on the left
Rendering of streetscape looking east-southeast from SW 41st and Collins
Future view looking east-southeast from the corner of SW 41st and SW Collins St, showing new main street and mixed use development

Please also review the Barbur Transit Center — Future Development Concepts. There are questions in the survey related to this area and we welcome your ideas.

Some definitions

  • Mixed use — A combination of residential, commercial, and office use
  • Multi-dwelling — A range of residential development, including apartment buildings of various sizes, detached houses on larger lots (cottage clusters), attached housing, and row houses
  • Multicultural hub — An area with a concentration of culturally relevant goods, services, gathering spaces and nonprofits serving the area’s immigrant and refugee community
  • Green ring — An accessible all-user route around the town center on local and main streets that provides access to different areas via a comfortable and safe network
  • Preservation area — An area where redevelopment of low cost market rate apartments buildings is discouraged
  • Streets – future possibilities
    • Major street — Two lanes in each direction with higher travel speeds. Separated spaces for pedestrians and cyclists. Limited or no on-street parking. Ground-floor retail.
    • Main street — One through lane with lower travel speeds. Separated spaces for pedestrians. Cyclists may share road. Some on-street parking. Ground-floor retail.
    • Local street — One through lane with lowest travel speeds. Shared spaces for all modes. Some on-street parking. Residential or small mixed use development.
    • View images and more detailed descriptions of future street development: 

Take the survey

We want to hear what elements of each growth concept you think most support the community goals. Your input will help us combine the best elements into a plan for the town center. You may find it helpful to open each concept in a separate tab so you can compare them side-by-side and reference them as you complete the survey.

Open the online survey

  1. Complete parts 1 and 2 about Growth Concepts A, B, and C.
  2. (optional) Review the information on the Barbur Transit Center plans then complete Part 3 of survey. 
  3. Click ‘Done’ to submit your response. 

What's next?

Look for an early summer open house when project staff will share early drafts of a proposed plan, plan district regulations and equitable community development ideas. This will be an opportunity to provide additional input on the draft plan.