Impacts to City Services

Find information about city services during this Emergency Declaration for Work Stoppage

SW Corridor Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

A group of staff from public agencies with specialized expertise in equitable station area planning will be available to the City project staff and the community to address questions on technical issues.

The TAC will be briefed regularly on the planning process by project staff. They will meet to problem solve and coordinate work. The TAC will address specific technical questions, and not deliberate on broader policy issues.


John Gilliam (Bureau of Transportation)

Nick Falbo (Bureau of Transportation)

Tim Kurtz (Bureau of Environmental Services)

Lisa Moscinski (Bureau of Environmental Services)

Tate White (Portland Parks Bureau)

Kimberly Tallant (Bureau of Development Services)

Ben Nielsen (Bureau of Development Services)

Andrew Eickmann (Portland Housing Bureau)

Bob Hastings (TriMet)

Lance Erz (TriMet)

Jebediah Doran (TriMet)

Glen Bolen (Oregon Department of Transportation)

Patrick McLaughlin (Metro)

Brandon Haggerty (Multnomah County Health Department)

Cherri Warnke (Portland Water Bureau)

Karl Dinkelspiel (Prosper Portland)

Joana Filgueiras(Prosper Portland)

Becky Lamboley (Portland Fire Bureau)