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Purpose, background, timeline, and contact information for the Residential Infill Project.
RIP2 completes the expansion of housing types allowed in all residential zones that began with Residential Infill Project Part 1, including Portland’s larger lots in outlying areas.
The Residential Infill Project allows for more types of homes in more areas of Portland, but current homeowners should be aware of unsolicited offers to buy their homes.
The following questions were asked during the Residential Infill Lunch and Learn presentations on June 10 and 22, 2021. Some questions were answered at the end of the presentations. All questions and answers are listed below.
The City of Portland’s residential infill options expand what you can do in single-family zones making housing more accessible and less expensive. Learn more about the options available. If you plan on selling individual units, learn when Middle Housing Land Divisions are allowed.
Learn more about standards that increase the physical accessibility of dwelling units, known as visitability standards.