About the Planning Commission Code Amendments Project

Project purpose, background, and next steps

Project purpose

This proposal will dissolve the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) and create the Planning Commission. The new Planning Commission will focus on land use planning while continuing to advance the policies in Portland’s Comprehensive Plan, including those related to sustainability. A future project will amend City code to create a separate body focused on sustainability and climate. 

Project background

In 2010, the City of Portland combined the Planning Commission and the Multnomah County/Portland Sustainable Development Commission to create the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC). Since then, the oversight responsibilities related to both land use planning and sustainability in Portland have become more than one commission can undertake effectively. In addition, issues related to sustainability and climate change have become more prominent and urgent. To ensure that both areas of policy and decision-making can be addressed with the focus, time, and attention each is warranted, the City plans to create two separate public bodies.

Project steps and timeline

October 27, 2022—Proposed Draft available for public review.  

November 8, 2022—Public hearing before the Planning and Sustainability Commission. Testimony can be submitted via the map app.