About the Off-road Cycling Master Plan

Purpose, background, timeline, and contact information for the Off-road Cycling Master Plan.

Project purpose

The Off-road Cycling Master Plan will help create more off-road cycling trails and facilities in Portland. These trails and parks provide places for healthy and safe outdoor recreation for children and families of all abilities and make access to green spaces in the city easier and more equitable. 

Project background

To address community needs and expand opportunities for Portlanders to be active and experience nature in the city, the City of Portland convened the Off-road Cycling Master Plan. The City has previously undertaken multiple site-specific planning efforts that considered off-road cycling use on public properties, most recently as part of the Riverview Natural Area Management Plan:

During this process, the City recognized the growing need for additional off-road cycling experiences in Portland. The Off-road Cycling Master Plan will provide a comprehensive plan for the development and management of off-road cycling trails and facilities across the city.

The plan will make recommendations for the future improvement and management of these trails and facilities, based on community needs and input, site opportunities and constraints, as well as best practices in design, development and management of off-road cycling facilities.

The Discussion Draft, and the accompanying interactive map, include draft recommendations on how the City of Portland might build more trails, pump tracks, and skill parks throughout the City.

The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability is working on this project in collaboration with Portland Parks & Recreation, the Bureau of Environmental Services, Bureau of Transportation, the Portland Water Bureau and other local government and community partners.

Project steps and timeline

The Parks Board has commented on the draft plan, and BPS will make revisions before the plan goes to City Council for adoption in 2019.

Project contact information

Tom Armstrong