Naito Main Street project briefings, public event generate interest in transportation and land use proposals

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Over the past month, BPS and PBOT staff have given a series of project briefings to the Planning and Sustainability, Design, and Historic Landmarks Commissions—culminating in an online public event on October 20. The purpose of these events was to update the city boards and the public on the status of the Naito Main Street project in South Portland, show early concepts that have come out of the last year of planning and community engagement, and seek feedback on what the public would like to see developed on the opportunity sites in the project area. 

City project staff want to emphasize the project themes of stitching the neighborhood back together along a future Naito Main Street, and repairing past harms from prior transportation projects, urban renewal, and discriminatory lending practices. 

Videos and presentation slides from the three briefings and the October 20 public event are available, as outlined below. Each briefing and the public event ends with its own question-and-answer session. 

September 22 briefing to the Planning and Sustainability Commission 

  • Video:

October 8 briefing to the Design Commission 

October 12 briefing to the Historic Landmarks Commission

October 20 public event

  • Video:
  •  Presentation slides
  • A detailed meeting summary of the event, including questions submitted through the Q&A and polling results, will be posted to the PBOT project page once they become available.


Kevin Bond

City Planner II, Planning and Sustainability