A New Transit-Oriented District in NW Portland?

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Land use and transportation changes that would stimulate equitable development being considered for the area near Montgomery Park. Deadline to submit comments extended through April 22, 2022.

In the early 2000s, the Portland Streetcar helped support redevelopment of a former railyard and brownfield into a thriving mixed use neighborhood, with shops, restaurants, apartments and a large amount of affordable housing. Now there is another opportunity for change, by extending the streetcar line beyond its current terminus at NW 23rd and Northrup farther north and west toward Montgomery Park and the former ESCO Steel site.

The Montgomery Park to Hollywood (MP2H) project explores the possibility of extending the streetcar, while setting the table for equitable development that provides needed affordable housing and commercial spaces, as well as other public benefits. The project also explores alternatives for possible future extension of the streetcar into the Hollywood District.

Two-plus years of public engagement, analysis, feasibility studies and a pandemic later, the MP2H proposals for NW Portland are ready for public review and discussion.

The MP2H-NW Plan proposes that the area north of NW Vaughn near Montgomery Park could transition – over time – from an industrial and employment area into a mixed-use area with housing, employment, commercial services, and other uses. This would be served by a future extension of the Portland Streetcar (the detailed design of the streetcar extension is a future step and will include additional public process).

To implement the change, the draft plan proposes amendments to the city’s Comprehensive Plan Map and Zoning Code. And because the proposal could reduce Portland’s limited supply of land for industrial jobs, it includes ways to offset those losses. The plan also emphasizes equitable development and includes ways to produce affordable housing and commercial spaces, as well as other public benefits.

What do you think about the ideas for change?

You can review the MP2H NW-Plan Discussion Draft web page, read the MP2H-NW Plan Discussion Draft, and share your feedback with project staff:

  • Does the land use vision for mixed use development and housing in the area make sense?
  • Are the transportation proposals, including extension of Portland Streetcar, supportive of the land use changes?
  • Are the proposed public benefits, such as additional affordable housing and affordable commercial space, appropriate?

Comments on the discussion draft will help refine the proposals that will be presented to the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) later this year. The PSC will then make recommendations for City Council consideration.

To review and comment on the Discussion Draft, visit the web site, read the documents and submit comments using the links below:

Deadline to submit comments has been extended through April 22, 2022.

Learn more and ask questions at a virtual information session:


Barry Manning

Senior City Planner, Planning and Sustainability