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Montgomery Park Area Plan (MPAP) Proposed Draft Overview – April 2024

Map of NW industrial area with a red circle around the study area surrounding Montgomery Park
The MPAP proposes land use and transportation changes to establish a new transit-oriented, mixed-use district in Northwest Portland west of Highway 30 between NW Vaughn and NW Nicolai streets. The plan area is generally within the red dashed area shown above.
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About the Proposed Draft

The MPAP aims to transition the area from a somewhat underutilized industrial and employment-focused district into a mixed-use employment district that will support both job growth and housing development.

To achieve this, the MPAP Proposed Draft includes a suite of proposed land use changes to promote equitable and transit-oriented development as well as complement the potential extension of the Portland Streetcar. The land use changes include amendments to Portland’s Comprehensive Plan map, zoning map, zoning code, and design guidance for future projects.

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Equity considerations

Cover of "Preliminary Racial Equity Analysis" report

The City of Portland recognizes the need for more equitable outcomes from City decision-making, investments, and policy development. The Portland Plan (2012) and 2035 Comprehensive Plan (2016) emphasize the importance of all Portlanders more equitably sharing the benefits and burdens of growth and development.

But what does that mean? History shows that land use plans and large public infrastructure investments often increase land values and displacement pressures, often harming or failing to benefit low-income households and communities of color.

In consideration of these past outcomes, the MPAP weighs and balances a number of related issues. First, a smaller plan area is proposed to balance the value of retaining industrial land for equitable job opportunities (noted in the 2019 BPS-PBOT Preliminary Racial Equity Analysis) with the other policy goals advanced by MPAP.

Second, the MPAP includes measures to provide public benefits that promote equity and help support opportunities for underserved communities, including:

  • Affordable housing beyond the minimum inclusionary housing provisions.
  • Nonresidential areas to support employment.
  • Middle-wage job targets.
  • Provisions for affordable commercial spaces.
  • Onsite outdoor areas for housing.
  • Opportunity for a significant new public open space.

Vision for a new neighborhood

Map showing streetcar through the Montgomery Park area, green corridor on Vaughn
Future vision for a mixed-use district west of Highway 30, including the former ESCO site. The area could provide more than 2,000 new housing units, with 200+ affordable units, space for jobs, and other public benefits. Click the map to open a PDF to view in more detail.

The Montgomery Park Area Plan will allow the plan area to transition from the current mix of employment-focused land uses and larger underutilized land holdings into a new, mixed-use and transit-served neighborhood.

The plan also creates the opportunity for more than 2,000 new housing units (including affordable units), new commercial services, and hundreds of new jobs, including middle wage jobs. The Plan limits the area of land use changes to support retention of nearby industrial land and jobs east of Highway 30 and north of NW Nicolai Street. It also includes implementation measures to balance the proposed loss of industrial land within the plan area.

Importantly the Plan helps expand housing and employment options in a central location of the city easily served by transit and near many existing services and community assets, including cultural venues, jobs, open areas, schools, shops, etc.

The Plan offers room to grow, but with a lower carbon footprint going forward. 

Transportation options, including a planned extension of the Portland Streetcar, are an integral part of this Plan. The streetcar alignment would run north along NW 23rd Ave from Lovejoy and Northrup streets, turning west on a couplet along NW Roosevelt and NW Wilson to NW 26th Ave. NW 23rd would be substantially reconstructed north of Northrup Ave. Other planned improvements and investments will make getting around and meeting daily needs without a car easier. Read more in the Montgomery Park Transportation Plan, Volume 3.

Key objectives

Large multi-unit residential building with ground floor retail
Housing & Affordability
Red brick historic industrial building
Job Opportunities
Streetcar in front of "Go By Streetcar" sign

The Plan advances the following key objectives:

  • Create a new equitably developed, mixed-use, transit-oriented neighborhood in this high opportunity area. 
  • Provide opportunities for new housing, with requirements for affordable housing beyond the inclusionary housing provisions.
  • Retain existing and create new opportunities for middle-wage jobs.
  • Create opportunities for affordable commercial spaces to serve a variety of households and provide wealth-building opportunity.
  • Provide broader access to amenities, including access to nature and recreation.
  • Build low-carbon transportation options supported by land use allowances for intensive mixed-use development.
  • Encourage and support opportunities for green, climate-resilient, and responsive development.

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