MP2H Northwest Plan - Design and Character Statement Workshop

Public Meeting
In-person event. Light refreshments will be provided.
Location: Friendly House, Keeston Room, 1737 NW 26th Ave, Portland, OR 97210
6:00 pm 8:00 pm

Please join project staff at an Urban Design Character Workshop to discuss the desired character of the proposed future mixed-use neighborhood between NW Vaughn and NW Nicolai streets west of Highway 30.

What features make this place unique? How should new mixed-use and other development respond to the area’s historic buildings and industrial heritage? The workshop is an opportunity for the public to share ideas about the character of the area in order to develop a Design Character Statement to accompany the plan. This statement is a tool used in cases of future design review.

The meeting will begin with an informational open house about the draft MP2H Northwest Plan, and include an opportunity for participants to share their thoughts about the evolving area and the design character of future employment, commercial, housing and mixed-use development.

Tentative agenda

Light snacks will be provided.

6:00 PM Open House – drop in to learn about the MP2H Northwest Plan

6:40 PM Workshop – focused on design and character

7:45 PM Wrap-up

8:00 PM Adjourn

The MP2H-NW Plan Discussion Draft identified land use, transit and transportation changes being considered for the area between NW Vaughn and NW Nicolai west of Highway 30. The draft plan proposes that the area could transition over time from an industrial and employment area into a mixed-use area with housing, employment, commercial services, and other uses. The mixed-use area would be served by a future extension of the Portland Streetcar North-South Line to the northwest. The MP2H-Northwest (NW) Plan effort is continuing, with an updated proposed plan expected later this year.



Joan Frederiksen

City Planner II, Planning and Sustainability