Lower SE Rising Area Plan Online Open House

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Welcome to the Lower SE Rising Area Plan online open house and survey! Residents of Brentwood-Darlington and parts of Mt Scott-Arleta, Woodstock, and Lents want improvements to their neighborhoods and streets. This open house presents ways to do that, which you can comment on in the survey.
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Thank you for joining the Lower SE Rising Area Plan online open house! We realize you are busy and may not be able to attend an in-person event, so we’ve prepared this project overview online for you to browse at your convenience.

We invite you to review and provide feedback on several scenarios for future community development, transportation, and transit service in the Lower SE Rising project area. Please take a few minutes to review the information below, the project goals, community development discussion, and the concept scenarios pages, then share your thoughts through the online survey. The survey will be available for public review and comment through June 30. 

Please take a few minutes to watch the video on the options for community development and transportation improvements.


gravel road with several potholes filled with water, and houses in background with cars parked on the street
SE Ramona St.

The Lower SE Rising Area Plan aims to address the historic lack of infrastructure investment in parts of Southeast and East Portland, including Brentwood-Darlington and portions of Mount Scott-Arleta, Woodstock, and Lents. We are seeking community input to guide healthy and equitable community development in this historically underserved area.

This project will also consider how different scenarios (or land use options) and community development opportunities support the City’s racial equity, climate justice, employment, and housing goals. The work is funded in part by a Transportation Growth Management (TGM) Planning Grant, a joint program of the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) and Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).

Project goals

intersection of SE 72nd Ave and SE Flavel St showing a blue single-story business, public trash can with art, bike with baby seat parked at the corner
SE 72nd Ave and SE Flavel St.

Working with the community and local businesses, we seek to:

  • Increase commercial opportunities and neighborhood-serving businesses, considering whose commercial needs are least served and the relative ability to have their needs met elsewhere.
  • Increase housing affordability and choices to help end houselessness and housing insecurity. Increase affordable housing and housing types, the location of housing near services, first-time homeownership opportunities, and local support for houseless individuals.
  • Expand active and green transportation access to ensure that everyone, especially renters, low-income people, and BIPOC communities can access future jobs, education, and services; and to reduce heat islands and improve air quality.
  • Improve public amenities in deficient areas accompanied by anti-displacement strategies, focusingon BIPOC home, property, and business ownership and other wealth opportunities.
  • Welcome collaboration for policy, technical expertise, and funding so that project recommendations are both equitable, community-focused, and actualized.

Review the options

The following Community Development Scenarios and Potential Transportation Improvements for the Lower SE Rising project area are ready for your review and feedback!

The Community Development Scenarios illustrate different land use and community development futures for two focus areas (SE 52nd and 72nd Avenues):

View details and compare the Community Development Scenarios

The Potential Transportation Improvements highlight existing issues and needs, as well as the priorities for potential projects:

View details of the Potential Transportation Improvements

Take the survey

Once you've reviewed the scenarios and potential improvements, we want to hear from you about what elements of each option best supports the project and community goals. Your input will help us combine the best elements into a plan for the area.

The first section of the survey asks some general questions to learn about you and your priorities for the project area. We then ask about land use issues in the project area and four potential Community Development Scenarios. In the third section, we ask about transportation issues and preferences. (Feel free to skip any questions where you do not have an opinion.)

Open the survey

What’s next

Your feedback will be used to help us develop a preferred community development scenario, linking together transportation priorities for the area. Look for a public open house this summer, when project staff will share early drafts of a preferred community development scenario, transportation recommendations, and equitable community development ideas.

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Bill Cunningham

Project Manager, Planning and Sustainability

Bryan Poole

Senior Transportation Planner, PBOT

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