Lower SE Rising Area Plan Project Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting #1

Public Meeting
6:00 pm 8:00 pm

Meeting purpose

  • Share existing conditions work-to-date
  • Opportunity for small group discussion, questions, answers, and comments
  • Share draft public involvement plan and receive feedback for incorporation


10 minutes – Marty Stockton and Bryan Poole

  • Welcome and opening remarks

20 minutes – Bryan Poole and All

  • Committee check-ins
    • Name and relationship to the Project Area
    • How are you stay cool this past weekend and week?

5 minutes

  • Public comment

30 minutes – Bryan Poole

  • Presentation: Existing Conditions
    • Existing Conditions Atlas
    • *Opportunity Mapping Analysis
    • *Commercial Real Estate Indicators and Retail Market Analysis
    • *Transit Network Analysis

* Work-in-progress and to be shared at a later date.

20 minutes – All

  • Small group break out discussion

25 minutes – Marty Stockton

  • Presentation: Public Involvement Plan
    • Project area and overview
    • Past public outreach
    • Equity considerations
    • Concurrent efforts and coordination
    • Advisory bodies
    • Public involvement process

15 minutes – Wrap up and next steps

  • Action items:
    • Email Marty Stockton and Bryan Poole feedback on the Public Involvement Plan and/or complete Jamboard by Monday, July 12, 2021
  • September 27, 2021 (Meeting 2):
    • What we’ve heard during summer outreach and shifting into the alternatives analysis phase of the project

Meeting materials

Meeting recording