Lower SE Rising Area Plan Project Advisory Committee (PAC) Kick-off Meeting

Public Meeting
6:00 pm 7:30 pm
Available Online

Connection Instructions

Or join by phone: 1-408-638-0968

Meeting ID: 932 2448 4098

Passcode: 349675 

Meeting purpose

  • Kick-off Project Advisory Committee process
  • Introduce Project staff and Committee members
  • Gain a shared understanding of the project
  • Review Committee charge and bylaws and Committee working agreement
  • Understand project roadmap and meeting plan


10 minutes – Marty and Bryan

  • Welcome and opening remarks

20 minutes – All

  • Project Advisory Committee introductions and discussion:
    • What is your relationship to the Project Area?
    • What motivated you to participate in this Committee?

5 minutes

  • Public comment

40 minutes – Ingrid, Marty and all

  • Presentation: Background information
    • Project background
    • Why the City is initiating this project
    • Project goals and timeline
    • Committee charge and bylaws
    • Working agreement
    • Committee roadmap and meeting plan

15 minutes – Wrap up and next steps

  • Action items:
    • Doodle Poll to confirm a standing meeting date
    • Review draft charge and bylaws prior to next meeting
  • Next meeting
    • June/July TBD (Meeting 1): Public Involvement Plan and Existing Conditions

Meeting materials

Meeting recording