About the Lower SE Rising Area Plan

Project purpose, background, next steps and timeline.

Project purpose

The Lower SE Rising Area Plan project will assess land use and transportation issues and options within the project area, which encompasses SE Cesar E Chavez Boulevard east to SE Foster Road/SE 92nd Avenue, and SE Holgate Boulevard south to the City Limits:

This map shows the Lower Southeast Rising project area. There is a special focus on the Brentwood-Darlington neighborhood. The larger project area from west to east includes SE Cesar Chavez Boulevard to SE 92nd Avenue and south to north from approximately SE Overland Street to SE Holgate Boulevard and SE Foster Road.
This map shows the Lower Southeast Rising project area. There is a special focus on the Brentwood-Darlington neighborhood.

Issues and options being explored include:

  • Exploring potential land use changes to provide more neighborhood commercial and housing opportunities.
  • Linking affordable housing, economic development, and business stabilization opportunities.
  • Conducting a thorough inventory of community needs for walking, biking, and public transportation in the area. 

This will be informed by a robust public outreach process with the diverse communities who could benefit from or be impacted by land use and/or transportation changes to be accompanied by displacement mitigation actions and other considerations. The needs inventory will be used to develop a list of transportation projects, which will be evaluated and prioritized to produce an investment strategy, which will be coordinated with a land use and community development implementation strategy.

Project background

This area of lower southeast Portland shares many characteristics with East Portland, such as unimproved streets, sidewalk gaps, limited street network, poor transit service, and few neighborhood commercial amenities. The area lacks stores, restaurants, and other conveniences for people to walk or bike to, so residents must resort to driving. View the project area map:

As well, the absence of a clear plan for growth and transportation has led to a lack of investment. Without adequate transportation, the Lower SE Rising area is unable to be zoned for mixed-use development, but without a designated center or corridor, investments in transportation are inhibited.

Project steps and timeline

  • Task 1: Project management and public involvement – throughout project timeline
  • Task 2: Existing conditions and alternatives development – Spring to Summer 2021
  • Task 3: Alternatives analysis and framework plan development – Fall 2021 to Summer 2022
  • Task 4: Implementation strategy – Summer to Fall 2022
  • Task 5: Draft plan development – Winter 2022 to Spring 2023
  • Task 6: Proposed Draft and Planning and Sustainability Commission hearing – Spring to Summer 2023
  • Task 7: Recommended Draft and City Council hearing – Fall to Winter 2023

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Bill Cunningham

Project Manager, Planning and Sustainability

Bryan Poole

Senior Transportation Planner, PBOT

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