Bureau of Planning Sustainability and Partners Release Draft Housing Production Strategies

News Article
Community members invited to comment on draft strategies for the City’s 5-year action plan to encourage development of needed housing.


Over the past year, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) staff have conducted in-depth analyses and continued engagement around Portlanders' housing needs.  Now, as required by the state, staff are working with partners across the city, county and Oregon to draft a Housing Production Strategy (HPS) for the City of Portland.

The HPS is a five-year action plan that identifies strategies and actions the City can take to promote new housing development. These strategies will help meet the community’s current and future housing requirements, especially for more equitable and affordable options for a wider range of households and their incomes, needs, and preferences.

Initiatives of the HPS 

The strategies are organized into eight initiatives:

  1. Promote affordable housing (0-80% AMI).
  2. Increase homeownership.
  3. Increase access to opportunity.
  4. Reduce barriers to development and improve processes.
  5. Stabilize current and future households.
  6. Promote age- and disability-friendly housing.
  7. Promote climate-friendly and healthy homes.
  8. Advocate at the state and federal level.

Tell us what you think

Staff are looking for feedback on the strategies, specifically:

  • What should be prioritized over the next 5 years?
  • What’s missing from the draft strategies?
  • What existing programs should be expanded?

There are three ways you can participate in the discussion:

  1. Review the Discussion Draft and comment via the Map App on the draft strategies to produce needed housing (closes April 7).
    Click on " Portland Housing Production Strategy Action Plan," then click the "Comment" button.
  2. Help shape the actions the City takes over the next five years – Take our survey (closes April 14).
    Answer questions about your current and future housing needs, and help the City prioritize actions.
  3. Join the conversation - Attend our virtual open house to learn more.
    Do you have questions about the Housing Production Strategy? Want to learn more or talk about it with fellow community members? You can join a virtual conversation about the HPS on Wednesday, April 3 at 6 p.m. Our Housing and Economic Team staff will share more information about the strategy and answer questions.

Why is this important? 

Everyone deserves to live in a secure and healthy home, but not all Portlanders can access safe and affordable housing. Economic, social, and physical barriers often limit residents from finding homes that meet their life needs. In recent years, the rising cost of living has made it even harder for people, straining the budgets of all but the most well-off.

Over the next 20 years, Portland will need up to 120,000 new housing units, including a variety of housing types (family-sized, affordable, accessible/visitable) for current and future households.

The draft housing production strategies are the first step toward meeting that need.