About the Green Loop

A rendering of what the green loop could look like, with pedestrians and bicyclists

Portland's Green Loop

It's a new way for people to be in the Central City … active, safe and fun.

Whether on foot, bike, or mobility device, people of all ages and abilities will be able to use the Green Loop to get to work, go for a jog, shop, eat, play, and meet friends.

Read Mayor Wheeler's letter of support.

Uniquely Portland

A bold new concept of the Central City 2035 Plan, the Green Loop will be a six-mile linear park that connects people through the heart of the city, improving access to and linking regional attractions, cultural institutions, employment centers, and shopping districts. The Green Loop will connect to places within and beyond Portland's downtown neighborhoods and the Willamette River.

Why Central City?

The Central City is home to 60 percent of Portland's affordable housing units. It has the largest concentration of social services and care providers in the city, especially shelter facilities.

The Green Loop will support businesses and social services, improving access to places where people can get the staples and support they need. And it will reconfirm Portland's commitment to greater access to parks, nature, and active transportation.

Plus, a third of Portland's jobs are in the Central City, and more than 50,000 new jobs are coming in the next two decades. Building the Green Loop offers a chance to harness opportunities for more people at all income levels to work in the Central City and call it home.

In turn, the Green Loop can become an iconic symbol of a city that values and supports all people: residents, workers, students, and visitors of all ages, shapes and sizes, origins, and incomes.

While the Green Loop will be in the Central City, it will serve people all over Portland and the region. Whether you live in Southwest, North Portland, East Portland, or the Inner Eastside, the Green Loop will connect to bikeways that can take you to the heart of the city and back safely and easily.

Explore the Loop!

Visit the Green Loop map and see all the places it can take you


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