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EV Ready Code Project - Technical Advisory Series meeting #1

Public Meeting
10:00 am 11:30 am
Available Online

Connection Instructions

Or join by phone: 408-638-0968

Meeting ID: 946 4981 9302

Passcode: 092101

Meeting purpose

  • Review the purpose and timeline of the Technical Advisory Series
  • Review the key equity goals and recommendations from the Enabling EV Access to Renters Community Stakeholder Group (Winter-Spring 2020)
  • Review project overview
  • Discuss and refine regulatory strategies for the city’s context and different demographic groups

Desired outcomes

  • Clear understanding of the project scope and background to EV Ready Code in the City of Portland, responsive to different priority demographic groups
  • Best practice suggestions for residential new construction EV-Ready requirements
  • Shared agreement on and commitment to next steps for the Technical Advisory Series


10 minutes – Ingrid and Marty

  • Welcome
  • Meeting Purpose
  • Shared Ground Rules     

10 minutes – All

  • Round-robin introductions
    • Name and organization
    • In one sentence, please describe interest in participating in this topic area discussion

60 minutes – Ingrid, Marty and all

  • EV Ready Code for Portland framing presentation and room discussion
  • Questions include:
    • From your perspective, which regulatory strategies presented resonate with you?
    • Does focusing on residential developments and prioritizing multi-dwelling development make sense?
    • How would this type of regulation decrease the most barriers to accessing EV charging?
    • Are there best practices specific to residential development that you recommend we research? Please tell us about them.
    • Of the regulatory strategies we’ve presented and discussed, which do you think are most important to implement with the goal of increasing EV access to low-income and multi-dwelling residents? Why?

5 minutes – All

  • General Q & A on project, content and process  

5 minutes – Ingrid and Marty

  • Next Steps
  • Feb. 23 (Meeting 2): Present on and discuss EV Ready code concepts and best practices
  • April TBD (Meeting 3): Review Discussion Draft
  • May/June TBD (Meeting 4): Review public feedback on the Discussion Draft and BPS staff proposed edits

Meeting materials