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Economic Opportunity Analysis (EOA) Documents

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Relevant documents and resources for the Economic Opportunity Analysis (EOA) project.
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Economic Opportunity Analysis (EOA) Update documents (2021-2023)

Individual documents:

Background documents (2016)

Oregon’s land use system requires cities to periodically update their comprehensive plans and provide for adequate 20-year growth capacity, based on an economic opportunities and housing needs analyses.

The Administrative Rule of Oregon’s Statewide Planning Goal 9 (Economic Development) requires cities to prepare economic opportunity analyses (EOA). Portland’s 2035 Comprehensive Plan makes zoning and infrastructure choices to meet Goal 9 and 10 (Housing), providing adequate growth capacity in the city’s business districts and neighborhoods.

Portland’s 2035 Comprehensive Plan and Economic Opportunities Analysis were adopted in 2016:


Steve Kountz

Planning and Sustainability Senior Economic Planner