Planning and Sustainability Commission completes its consideration of River Plan / South Reach proposals on May 26

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Commissioners will discuss archaeological code amendments, houselessness, residential docks, landscaping enforcement, and miscellaneous code and text changes before voting on the whole plan.

Since a public hearing on Feb. 25, the PSC met on March 10 and May 12 to discuss testimony and staff proposals for discussion and recommendations. Commissioners will hold their third work session on the River Plan / South Reach Proposed Draft with project planners on Tuesday, May 26, at 6 p.m.

After the discussion, Commissioners will vote on a final recommendation on the plan (as amended) and forward a recommended draft to City Council for public hearing later in 2020.

Staff have prepared a packet of information and amendments (based on public testimony) to discuss with the Commission at the work session. Topics will include:

  • Tribal engagement and collaboration: Archaeological resources protection
  • Houselessness
  • Recreation: Residential dock regulations (materials forthcoming)
  • Watershed health and resilience: Enforcement of landscaping regulations (materials forthcoming)
  • Miscellaneous code and text changes

Review the meeting materials

What’s next?

On May 26, the PSC will likely take its final action on the River Plan / South Reach Proposed Draft and recommend that planners incorporate their amendments. The resulting draft, the River Plan / South Reach Recommended Draft, will be forwarded to City Council for a public hearing later in 2020. Following the hearing, City Council will deliberate and take action on the plan.

On July 16, the Design Commission will hold a public hearing on River Plan / South Reach design recommendations. This would repeal the old Macadam Corridor Design Guidelines (1985), replace it with Citywide Design Guidelines (under deliberation by the PSC) and incorporate a Macadam Character Statement, to provide area context for Citywide Design Guideline #2. The Design Commission recommendations will be included in the Recommended Draft that will go to City Council. See the Design Commission events page one week in advance for the meeting agenda and materials.