City Council scheduled to vote on final amendments to River Plan / South Reach Plan

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Council session will be on December 10 at 2 p.m.

On Wednesday, December 2, the Portland City Council met to discuss testimony from the November 4 public hearing on the River Plan / South Reach and the Willamette River Greenway Inventory and then consider potential amendments. The amendments that were moved and seconded would amend the Macadam Character Statement and remove an action item related to the Oregon State Marine Board’s (OSMB) ruling-making process. 

Written testimony received

Council decided to reopen the written record through Monday, December 7 at 8 a.m. to receive testimony on these amendments. Only two pieces of testimony were received by the deadline: 

  • One from the Calm Water Coalition signed by representatives from the Portland Rowing Club, Wasabi Paddling Club, Human Access Project, Portland-Kaohsiung Sister City Dragon Boat Races and Lewis & Clark College Head Crew Coach. This coalition asked that the action be left in the plan but with implementation in one to five years rather than ongoing.  
  • The other was from the Willamette River Community Coalition asking the city to revisit the recreational portion of the plan.

This testimony relates to the OSMB’s ruling-making process for the lower Willamette. The OSMB is in the final stages of developing rules for this area. The board will hold a public hearing on Dec. 22, 2020, and is expected to make a decision on January 27, 2021. Learn more about OSMB’s rulemaking.   

The City of Portland does not regulate boating activity in the river but does regulate development along the river. 

December 10 City Council session

The next City Council session on the South Reach Plan will be on December 10 at 2 p.m. At that meeting Commissioners are expected to vote on three amendments:

  1. Amend the Macadam Character Statement as moved and seconded on December 2.
  2. An action item (R11D) related to the Oregon State Marine Board
  3. Replace findings with updated findings.   

There will be no public testimony at the meeting. See the BPS memo summarizing these amendments:


Jeff Caudill

City Planner II, Planning and Sustainability