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Updates to draft Ezones in Columbia Corridor and nearby industrial land available for review

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Photo of the calm water of the Middle Slough with trees on both sides of the banks and the levee in the background.
The updated draft Ezones reflect site visit results and refinements of mapping policies. Residents, business owners, and property owners are invited to review the updated draft Ezones on the CCIL Map App. Contact project staff with questions or use the Map App to request a site visit.
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The wetlands along the Columbia River and in the North Reach of the Willamette River are some of Portland’s most abundant and important natural resources. Wetlands perform valuable ecological functions and provide essential habitat for plants and wildlife, not to mention the recreational opportunities these still waters provide.

The Columbia Corridor and Industrial Lands Environmental Overlay Zone Project (CCIL Ezone Project) is updating environmental overlay zones (Ezones) in the Columbia Corridor and other industrial areas. Ezones are a zoning tool that protect important natural resources like streams, forests, and wetlands.

Ezones have been applied throughout the city of Portland since the early 1990s. And with new technology, staff can make the Ezone maps much more accurate, which will help protect natural resources that were previously undetected.

Project staff have been gathering information about streams, vegetation and wetlands from site visits, Lidar, aerial imagery, and wetland field verification. Now, an updated online map of the Columbia Corridor Ezones is available to view on the CCIL Map App.

View the Map App

The initial version of the CCIL Map App was posted in September 2022. Since then, project staff have been conducting site visits, reviewing and refining the Natural Resource Inventory, and making updates to the draft Ezone mapping policies. These updates and refinements are reflected in the draft Ezones now posted on the CCIL Map App.

How will this affect you?

Any mapping changes will vary by site. Some property owners will see small increases or decreases in the area covered by the overlay zones. On other sites, the changes could be more significant.

If your property is already developed with a house or business, these existing buildings and structures will not be impacted. They can be maintained and replaced, if necessary. However, Ezones may limit or affect where new development or expansions of existing development can occur. To ensure the accurate application of Ezones, it is important for property owners to request site visits if the draft Ezone maps appear to be incorrect.

Review the draft Ezones or request a site visit

  • Go to the CCIL Map App and type in your address to view your site.
  • If you have questions about the map and Ezones, or if something looks incorrect, please contact project staff.
  • Staff are offering free site visits by request to confirm or correct natural resource data. You can request a site visit through the CCIL Map App, by email, or by phone.

The CCIL Ezone Project is coordinating with a citywide Economic Opportunity Analysis (EOA), which will ensure that Portland has adequate industrial and employment lands to accommodate future job growth. The CCIL Ezone Project and EOA will be the subject of concurrent public hearings starting in 2024.

Contact project staff or request a site visit

If you have any questions about Ezone mapping, or if you would like to request a site visit, please call or email project staff.